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    Rise to Dust: The Scion of Hope was published for paperback on July 31st, 2021, and E-Book on September 11, 2021.


                Alexander began the original concept for the book in 2013, writing the story as a movie script. At least half of the story was filmed but Alexander's skill with the camera improved from the beginning of the project to the middle, and so he decided to cancel the production. However, he didn't stop coming up with ideas for the world and the story. In 2014, he began extensive work on the backstory of the Archons, one of his main fantasy races within the book. At this time he also began to develop some of the languages that would appear in the world. The basis for the first version of Archaic and one of the evil languages was laid out. He also wrote the account of the creation of the world. 

                For the next few years he continued adding information and developing the languages further. Eventually enough story had accumulated that Alexander felt he could turn the story into a fully fledged novel with the hopes that it could fuel a fandom that would once again call for it to be made into a film series. 

                In 2016, Alexander began a draft of the novel, adding new characters to the story that had not existed, such as the character Mreavus. His writing however, had not fully developed, and only a portion of this version made it into the final novel. Much of what takes place in the first four chapters of the finished novel was originally condensed into one chaotic chapter. Yet some of the dialogue in the birth of Amelia made it into the finished book. As for the rest of it, Alexander did not yet create. He put the project down again, but still continued developing ideas for how the story would span three books. He developed the main themes of the story and its ending. 

                Then, in 2017, he organized his work which he had kept on various voice recordings and pieces of paper into a cohesive timeline on a set of notecards that would block out the ideas of each book. He shared this overview of the three novels with a dear friend who told him he had to make the idea for the books into a reality. 

                Finally, in 2018, he decided it was time to fulfill that promise. He organized all he had previously made for the world together on a series of PowerPoints and Word documents. Then he began writing. He decided to write as organically as possible, allowing himself to abandon ideas he had always had if the story justified a new one. This lead to great improvement in his writing. 

                Over the next three years he worked between school at his university to create the book. He underwent a series of editors, and many drafts. The rough draft was finished in early 2021. He then sent it to his final editor, then after many revisions, his work was complete. He sent it to his typesetter to work on the interior design and layout with him. He designed the book cover himself after many edits and photoshoots. During this time, he also came up with the concepts for the next two book covers from covers he made for the first that ended up suiting the following novels better. The novel was published in the late summer of 2021 and became available for readers everywhere. 

                 His overall hope with the novel series is to tell a story of passion and triumph to remind his readers that they are in control of their own lives and can overcome and and all struggles both physical and mental. 

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    Rise to Dust: The Scion of Hope

    The First Novel in the Rise to Dust Trilogy

    *A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.*

    Perfect for fans of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Alexander Boheme-Mason’s debut Rise to Dust: The Scion of Hope, kicks off an epic fantasy series of loyalty, adventure, and the exploration of one’s own true purpose.

    26-year-old Amelia is scrappy, tough, and never one to back down from a fight. Luckily for Prince Kythes, she just so happens to be in the right place at the right time. When a surprise ambush endangers Prince Kythes' life, Amelia's quick wit becomes the declaration of true loyalty that the prince desperately needs. As a show of gratitude, Kythes offers Amelia the position of General of the Royal Army, catapulting her from poverty to prominence in the blink of an eye.

    However, as Amelia acclimates to her new status, the court does not return to the peace that previously existed. After a sudden assassination and betrayal throws Prince Kythes onto the throne, he and Amelia must embark on a quest to track down his father's killer. However, a very dark magic lies in the hands of the enemy–magic that can overthrow the throne and destroy the entire kingdom. Can Amelia and Kythes adjust to their new 82 roles without losing themselves along the way?


    Readers who enjoyed the intricate systems and world-building of The Name of the Wind are sure to fall in love with Alexander Boheme-Mason’s newest novel, Rise to Dust: The Scion of Hope.

    Join the start of an epic adventure! Click “Add to cart” today!


    Rise to Dust: The Reign of Malice

    The Second Novel in the Rise to Dust Trilogy

    *A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.*

    The sequel to the first book of the series, The Scion of Hope. Rise to Dust: The Regin of Malice continues the journey of where our characters left off. 

    When a formidable army emerges from the frozen continent of the forgotten world, the time comes for Amelia to prove herself as General of the Royal Army, a position that before had been little more than a title. The future of the capital rests on her shoulders and her ability to recall the advice of those now gone. Despite the threat facing the entire capital, Amelia must search deep within herself to find not only the answers for the realm, but also the answers to who she is and wants to be as well. Will she crumble to the weight of the world, or will she find the truth about herself in time to turn the tide?  

    Are we more than our fear? Click the link to find out today!

    "The book series to define the 2020's." - T. Eggelston


    "This book is beautifully written; some moments are so real and special it almost takes your breath away." - Rayah O

    "I liked every character which is rare for me." - Mark H.

    Read more reviews on Link above.

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