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Alexander Boehme-Mason


Alexander Boheme-Mason enjoys crafting and telling his stories in various different
mediums, whether it be books, audiobooks, television, or film. Alexander is also a
culture and language enthusiast, and he is able to speak a bit of nineteen languages. He received a Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology at Ball State University. In his free time, Alexander enjoys studying fantasy series like The Lord of the
Rings, drawing, and drinking warm mugs of tea.

Alexander is especially passionate about mental health advocacy and awareness. In
fact, a portion of all profits from his book sales are donated to the National Suicide
Prevention lifeline.

Buy his epic fantasy debut, Rise to Dust: The Scion of Hope, today!

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Additional Information


            Alexander is the author of the Rise to Dust trilogy. His most explored genre in writing is epic fantasy and adventure, but he has also had experience writing sci-fi, horror, romance and mystery. His primary audience is young adult aged 16-30. 

            Alexander has always been passionate about writing. He has explored several genres including but not limited to: fantasy, sci-fi, action, adventure, romance, horror and mystery. Alexander also enjoys telling his stories through a visual medium, especially film. Alexander wrote and directed a film called The Frostshires, about a female banshee hunter in Hungary named Thana and the political divide in her cave city home of the Ebonmire. The movie was filmed in 2017 and released in the summer of 2018. It dealt with many action and horror themes that inspired parts of Rise to Dust. As Alexander began writing the first book, he also wrote a script for the sequel to the first Frostshires film. The film had a few scenes completed but the overall project was canceled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Though his work on the costumes of the films aided in the design experience for his characters in his book series Rise to Dust. 

            Alexander is also a vivid learner of languages, including many man-made languages known as conlangs. He founded and taught an organization known as Artisans of Aesthetic Communications in his High School that taught others how to make a language and study the existing conlangs from people like J.R.R. Tolkien, David Salo and David Peterson. Alexander reached out to David Salo and the head dialect coach of the Hobbit films to receive behind the scenes lines for the Black Speech used by Benedict Cumberbatch as the Necromancer. 

            Alexander studied and received a Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology at Ball State University. There he enjoyed many of the classes related to linguistics and neurodegenerative brain disorders. He was a prominent member of Student Government and a Resident Assistant. He wrote his book Rise to Dust: The Scion of Hope in between classes. His time at university led to further his understanding of the English language for his books, as well immerse himself in many discussions about topics like Toxic Masculinity and Diversity. 

            It is no secret that Alexander's favorite media and possibly thing in life is The Lord of the Rings. Alexander grew up watching the films over and over again. He eventually watched the behind the scenes, and fell in love with how a story is crafted on such a large scale. He has read many of Tolkien's works and is a vivid Tolkienist. He studies his languages which has inspired Alexander to create his own for his worlds. 

            Throughout it all, one that has always remained important to Alexander is mental health. Therefore 5% of all the profits from any of his books are donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. He hopes to write a story that destigmatized talking about mental health and viewing the heroes in books and movies as weak if they struggle mentally or show their emotions. He has worked tirelessly to bring together a world that he believes can make a difference. 

            In his free time, Alexander is usually found drinking a cup of tea, and it's no mistake it is mentioned so many times in his books. He may also be found drawing, designing outfits, listening to music, traveling, or practicing languages like German, Spanish, Russian or Sindarin.

            If you want to see more of Alexander's works, make sure to pick up a copy of Rise to Dust: The Scion of Hope for paperback or E-book today!

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